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To The Man In Urbana, Selling a Chevy



The guy wouldn’t give me his name… and was close-mouthed about what kind of truck he was selling. FREAK! I mean, if you’re going to advertise and sell a truck whether it be from your front yard or the classified or the internet, YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO TALK TO STRANGERS!

I mean, my husband and I have browsed dozens upon dozens of truck ads in the past several weeks. How the hell am I supposed to know what guy is calling me… if he doesn’t tell me?

Also, and this is the kicker, the wife posts on craigslist, a chevy truck for $2500…Matt emails her[cuz, the woman didn’t put her phone number in the ad] and 2 days later the woman emails him back. No number, just, I’ll get you some pictures. Matt gets the pictures and finally talks to the woman, who, btw, knows nothing about the truck. The NEXT day, there’s a new ad on Craigslist, with pictures, a chevy truck for $3000. Can  you believe that shit?

Who wants to do business with shifty people like that? Jiminy Cricket! What is wrong with people? The internet is not an excuse for dishonesty and two-facedness…