Here’s what to do…


Every once in a while, I get a new follower on my WP blog. I don’t know how it happens…maybe this blog pops up in a search engine on occasion. It used to be called Bitching Betty–like me. 😀 Or maybe it’s the newer title about Time Travel, which I haven’t done [I mean WRITTEN!] in a couple of years…

So, I think it’s time to start double posting… just for the fun of it. Why not, right?

So, two posts today, and if you really do like me, my writing, or what you see here, you can catch me on my blogger blog OR at Through Heart-Shaped Glasses.

Also… I changed my mind!!

WordPress is posting advertisements now if we don’t upgrade to a No-ad account. Eff that! PLease, follow the links above, and find me on my blogger blog. 😀 ❤ Thanks. I truly heart that people are still signing up to follow me here…


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