When I accidently posted a comment with my wordpress profile, I sent a new friend to my Time Travel Blog. I love the header on this thing… need to try to make it more readable, maybe?

I have come to one conclusion…There’s a reason my main blog is on Blogger. 😛 I like it. This is kind of awful over here. The widgets are hard to use. What am I doing wrong? Are we so predictably stereotyped that each of us can love or hate WordPress vs. Blogger? I don’t know anyone who likes both, let’s put it that way.

To my lovely new follower, Becky Doughty, I’m so glad you’re here. I love my time travel. I love history. I love my Faith, which transcends history, and my Church, which defines history. You stopped in here and reminded me that I’d gotten a bit sidetracked.

Feel free to stop in again, anytime!

But tomorrow, swing by my contemporary romance blog where I’m celebrating my Debut Release, For Love or Duty. It’s going to be a GREAT day.


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