Just Ignore…


the previous posts…unless you like listening to a person rant. 😀

Who knows what I’ll do here…but I like keeping my options open.


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  1. Bethanne,
    When you posted “Just ignore…” I thought you meant us readers. I think you took your own advice – where are you? I’m having a royal lark reading your rantings but does this mean you’ve had no angst since April????

    Seriously, hope all is well and that you’re not busy having more kids or something else classifiable as insanity. (Psst. I have 3. Parenting hurts me. In many, many places. It frightens and confuses me. Yes, the love part makes up for all the hurt but it doesn’t make it hurt less. And the fear and confusion, well, right now I’m hiding in a closet with a red licorice tub.)

    Okay. Glad you’re following me – I’ll try not to nag any more. BTW – loved the post to the truck peeps. So not right.

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