i ran out of steam…


But you should have seen me this afternoon when I got home and there was a message on my machine from my friend, the neighbor. A really, really nice lady who hosts craft night once a month. Guess what night it is???


Of course, and she wants to meet my mom who’s been visiting for the past few days…so I feel badly not going. Another month and no excuse not to go. I was really irritated at first thought, but I tend to talk my self out of those irritations. Not sure that’s good or bad, just…depressing. I’m such a bitch.

It’s been a long week.

No writing.

No alone time.

No Normality.

That’s hard on my psychological welfare… LMAO.

ALSO…is it really so bad to want a tattoo?? Why, when I say that, do people make disgusted faces and say ew. I see people with them and I like them!!!!! It’s not very nice to be so negative about what other people like…  I mean, I don’t go around saying, “I really hate when People read bible verses out loud at the breakfast table…as if we all want to hear it.”

I’m sorry, but to me…that’s pretty. 

and so is that…


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