There’s something about kids.

They make you want to pull your hair out.

They make you yell when you want to be calm.

They call you stupid… and end up grounded to their rooms.

They wish you were never born.

They have excuses for not doing what you tell them to do.

Then, a minute later they are smiling…and you still want to pull your hair out. You wish you didn’t exist. You yell. But most of all,  you wish you had been too stupid to have sex.



I BLAME HIM! ————->




(heh. i can’t help but laugh. which is how we get ourselves more children in the first place. STOP making me LAUGH!)


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  1. Um. Okay. I’m still tossing words with the 7 yo. Little shit. I LOVE HIM, but he better stop talking and stay in his room for a little while… Did you know I called him a shit while he was being born?? I did. Apparently, I was right even then. HE’s strong-willed. Alot like me actually. Poor kid. 😉

  2. My children disappeared for an hour… OMG. I told them to go ride their bikes. Go. Just go! Then I told them they should be back at 3:30…they were 9 minutes late. Aaugh! 9 MIN! Something could happen to them! why did I let them disappear for an hour!!!

    No worries, they’re fine and talking back as usual. 😀

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