that’s what I am now. Seriously, what is it about a bunch of women working in an office together that seems to bring out the worst? It’s like highschool all over again. Only without the pom poms, homecoming, and football games.

Wanna know why my job satisfaction has dropped drastically? Why tension envelopes me when I enter my department? Women who are older than I am, should be adult enough not to nitpick over the simple things. There should be no who said what to who or who did what to who. Or worse… carrot cake. That is what this all started over. Freaking carrot cake…I kid you not.

Most jobs people are lucky to get a Happy Birthday, but not at my job. It is something done to recognize the employees. So why do we argue over cake? Be thankful for what you get. Worse than the carrot cake argument is the fact that people want to draw me into the arguement. Not going to happen. From now on… I will sit my happy ass at my desk, headphones on, iPod turned up, and post my sign.


This cubicle is Switzerland and I am a neutral party.

I think that paired with the following….

Employee at work…. keep walking.

…might actually garner me a little bit of peace or get me named the office bitch. But I think I can live with that. If it doesn’t work, maybe I can go around and do the yearbook poll… who is the most popular, most likely to succeed, etc. etc. etc…..


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  1. seriously? carrot cake?

    I love carrot cake? what the hell is wrong with carrot cake? You definitely need a sign. Whether you like carrot cake or not, crap. don’t fight about it.

    …did you buy the cake?

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